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Originally Posted by evilghost
Here is an example argv[1] passed value:
/www/dlf/dlf-albums/12-24 Months/Big Bubble bath 1.JPG

1) Check that argv[1] does not traverse outside of /var/www/dlf-albums
2) Use fprintf() instead of fputs() (isn't fputs less secure)?
3) For some reason asctime() is adding a newline character to the end of the string?
4) Be able to print output using something like fputs(fout,"%s\t%s\n",asctime(time(NULL)),argv[1]); without segfaulting
5) Create as secure code as possible.
1. If you only want to make sure only legimate paths pass through, you could simply make sure the string begins with your basepath, and no "/.." exists in the path. Maybe something in spirit of...
if (argc != 2 || argv[1] == NULL
                || strncmp(argv[1], BASEPATH, strlen(BASEPATH)) != 0
                || strstr(argv[1], "/..") != NULL) {
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
You will also have to make sure the target file is not a symlink. stat(2) and S_ISLNK(2) should help here.

2. Both will overflow if input string is not terminated. fsnprintf help a bit, but strings pointed by *argv are always terminated unless something is seriously broken. Always pass user-supplied string "through %s" (i.e. printf("%s", input); ), even when unnecessary. Sooner or later you forget to do it when it really counts.

3. The reason is described in the manual. :-) Use strftime if this bothers you.

char t[80];
t[79] = '\0';
/* checking return value of strftime isn't necessary since t is guaranteed
   to be terminated */
strftime(t, 79, "%a %b %H:%M:%S %Y", loctime);
fprintf(fout, "%s\t%s\n", t, file);
5. Return values. Namely, check return value of fopen and avoid potential segfault.

Maybe you could consider writing the log with syslog(3).
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