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Default Re: possible sync issue with 1080i content @ 1080i

Originally Posted by Carina Denkmann
Interlaced modes play content the way you described when frame
speed is not exactly synced, mplayer for example determines playback
speed by evaluating responses from the audio driver. As a workaround
you may use the -speed option in mplayer, set it to a value a bit larger
or smaller than 1.00000, depending wether video swaps too fast or too
And idea why the "frame speed is not exactly synced"? What would make my TV so unusual that it and the nvidia driver/card can't sync properly (there appear to be other people with this problem too, but it doesn't seem to be a *a lot* of people)?

I'll try the -speed option. I believe MythTV has an option to sync using the audio (although it's not really recommended).

Thank you for the reply.
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