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Default Re: possible sync issue with 1080i content @ 1080i

Originally Posted by Carina Denkmann
Complicated topic.
Indeed. The fact that interlaced video is used (and unfortunately has again been chosen for the next generation tv standard) makes it more complicated than it needs to be...
We get interlaced content, de-interlace it in the video player to place it in a progressive video frame store, which is again sent to the TV in interlaced way. The TV usually converts it to progressive again (for 100Hz scanning or LCD/Plasma display).
What we get is a very sub-optimal picture quality.

There are many things that can go wrong, including getting the field order wrong (combining the wrong fields into a frame). And then there are the hiccups.
Even with progressive video all the way, there is the synchronization issue when there is a free-running framestore in between (as is the case in a PC videocard). Sad.

This must be the reason why video playback via a computer is so inferior in quality to using standard DVB and DVD equipment directly connected to a TV.
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