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Default Re: Is it really necessary to allow nude avatars?

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
You know, I don't do this often, but I agree with Sillyeagle. I don't mean any disrespect to anyone, but I too surf from work, and people come by my office alot.

I don't mean to put anyone on the spot, but there should be some type of guideline.

Not only that, do the people that have little kids want their children to see this? I'm not trying to turn this into a flame war, all I'm asking is for you (that have them) use a little moderation, please.
I have to agree as well. Though I'm guessing the majority using such avitars are in middle school at best so you might as well try to make a rapper not mention their name in a song. In today's economy alot of villages have been forced to downsize and layoff their idiots, so there's alot of them out running around with not much to do. Personally I'd check to see if there's an ignore option for users, if it worked right you'd never see anything they post let alone their heh heh wet dream avitar And really are you going to take anything they say seriously when they present themselves like that right off the bat? I never do, just blow right by them. I'm sure there's a rule about typing various words or attacks on race, religion etc so I have to ask the Admins how are avitars any different than those restrictions?
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