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Default Re: FC6 on Dell XPS710 H2C - OS "loses" hard drives

Originally Posted by doctor_octagon

I have managed to capture the death of my box using an offboard USB hard drive (attached).

I think you may be able to ignore the USB errors - the OS seems to have a hard time with the card readers in my Dell monitor - but maybe I need a better driver for the MCP55?. I'll also attach the lspci output.

Please take a look and let me know if I can collect more information which would help. This happens VERY frequently: 8-10 times a week!

Dr. Ock.

syslog kern.*; *.emerg - attached (file: kern.log.20070504.txt)


Things are looking promising. After noticing that someone on the 2.6.18 kernel was having similar issues I upgraded my FC6 box to 2.6.20 and the box has been running for 3 days without experiencing the same issue.

I also disabled irqbalance at the same time, so there's two variables, but I'll try turning on irqbalance again in a few days and see how that goes. My guess is that if it's fixed (cross your fingers) it was the kernel that fixed it.

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