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Default Major problems with BFG 6600

I have been using a the BFG 6600GTOC in my machine (or trying too at least) and they keep dying. The first one the fan died after a week of ownership, the second was DOA from RMA center, I just installed the third and did all the drivers, etc.

It idles at 52C which is hotter than anything i've ever had, and under load it immediately shoots skyhigh, I shut the game down as the temp went north of 134C... The fan is working, but I don't know if its going as fast as it should. I'm more than a little fed up with this. My case is full of fans also, and the PCI slot next to the card is free for airflow For a company that prides itself on having "a great reputation with gamers" their product is garbage. I don't care about a lifetime warranty, or free shipping, i'd rather pay more for a card that works (which is exactly what i'm going to do now) I have no idea what the problem is with these cards, and I have no desire to find out.

As a buisness professional if I screwed something up for one of my customers 3 times in a row I would not expect them to return. I'm officially done with BFG.

On that note, whats the best Nvidia AGP card that money can buy I only have an AGP PC and i'm not really up on the latest graphics cards.
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