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Originally Posted by evilghost
I read that using lstat() versus access() causes greater overhead and I should use access() in place with R_OK to test if the file is ready for reading (exists). I don't need to check uid/gid since they can be different values and I'm not too concerned about owner since they are dropped in by authenticated users (me or my wife) over SSH.
Honestly, I don't know about lstat/access, but I can't see much difference. Both need to read the directory entry and I think it's reasonable to expect all metadata (per file) to be found in a single place, accessed with a single read.

What I do know is that access() happily follows symlinks. In other words you can create a symlink /www/dlf/dlf-albums/foo pointing at /bin and run your suid-executable to give wwwdata_GID (I hope that's a typo and it should read wwwdata_UID instead) full write access to /bin. As result, wwwdata_GID could potentially issue "rm -rf /bin" at his discretion.

Originally Posted by evilghost
I also added a input length check to ensure the path passed doesn't exceed 255 characters, a number I determined to be a reasonable input length.
I can't see why this would be necessary (unless chmod(2) and chown(2) are broken), but with such a cheap sanity check you can't go wrong. Thinking of effects of long filenames in the log, I have also begun to wonder why you're not logging failed attempts.

Originally Posted by evilghost
I also modified the code to take into account your suggestions.
- Include string.h for strncmp(), and sys/types.h and sys/stat.h for chmod()/chown(). :-)
- wwwdata_GID is probably supposed to be wwwdata_UID.
- If you end up using lstat, consider settings directories to 0770 and files to 0660.

I'm also wondering is suid-executable is the right way in the first place. How about an inbox for the files and a cronjob to set the permissions and move the files into place? How about an sh-script that copies the files in place and sets the files 0660 and directories 0770? How about an sh-script that uploads the files for a cgi-script to process? (for file in $files; do wget --post-file $file https://intra/foo/import?file=foo%20bar/baz.jpeg; done)
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