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Default weird problem with fuzzy TTYs

hi, i just got a new comptuer with Athlon 2400+ XP, 512 MB DDR333 RAM, GeForce4 MX440 64MB, installed WinXP and Mandrake 9.1/KDE3. I downloaded the 4363 driver and installed it, no problems whatsoever. X runs fine, OpenGL runs fine, I can play TuxRacer no problem.
The problem, however, is this: after installing the driver, my TTY screens have become all fuzzy. If i do ctrl+alt+F1 through to ctrl+alt+F6, all the screens are SERIOUSLY fuzzy, I can barely make out what it says. its not just that they're blurred, they're shaking quite badly. If i boot linux in runlevel 3, this doesnt happen. it only start happening after I run startx and the nvidia logo screen shows up.
i've attached XFree86.0.log. anybody got any ideas?
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