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Far as I know, you can't install these drivers straight up. You have to have a previous version of the drivers installed before you can use this update. I tried to uninstall my previous drivers and run the update, but I'd get an error message saying a certain file couldn't be found.
Strange, I installed the newest drivers without any problem after I freshly install XP...

anyway, I've uninstall the newest driver then I've installed the driver comes from the CD, and then update it with the newest driver, well... the pops & clicks just disappear...

Well, now Creative has two updates driver in their website for Audigy, I just don't know if I have to install the driver from the first revision then update it with the second one...
CD Revision -> 1st revision -> 2st Revision, a long way to go... it's sucks if you think that you have to restart your computer after each time you update the driver.

The first revision allow you to use up to 31 sound mixing while the newest only allow you to use just up to 28... If you guys notice that at the Hitman 2 demo sound config...

Well, I think Creative has to do something with their driver revision, or they can put a note on how to properly install the driver...
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