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Angry Pleaseeeee, help!, Fiesty, Fawn, vs., nvdia, drivers!

Hello everybody,
I have almost tried everything, I mean everything in order to solve this problem. Well here is the way it goes::

Firstly, I am a bit new to linux..but am not that ignorant..a php java C++programmer myself I do have some inclination towards computers and OSs, anyway recently i wanted to know some shell programming with respect to my work so I thought why not install the current popular version of Linux, hence ubuntu.
Now, after I installed..the desktop looked quite neat and nice on my 1680x1050 res alienware laptop(btw my rig's specs are all at the bottom). Then a message popped up saying Restricrited drivers manager, so clicked an icon to open this window, it said that my nvidia drivers are currently not in use, do i want to enable them? I said alright clicked the check box, it downloaded a couple of drivers from the internet then installed them finally prompted for a restart. so i the problems started..after the restart what do I see!!!!? A patch of reddish purple colour on the left of screen, where as the right side is totally black and if u see carefully this black patch slowly , very slowly covers the entire screen. Its totally black after sometime.

But the funny part is I could hear the startup ubuntu sound. I just typed my login into this black screen and the password to hear the login startup sounds. But I can do nothing, cannot see a thing, cannot type a thing. Anyway at this point I googled "black screen problem at startup after installing nvidia drivers on ubuntu feisty fawn". Well the fisrt link was some where here in this forum. They also did have black screen but were having different video cards...they were suggested some changes in the xorg.conf file which i also did but in vain.These other people with similar problem were atleast able to go to the console. ctl-atl-f1 thing, I even could not do that!!!!!! Anyway:

Now here is the list of solutions I tried:

I.Put my Ubuntu CD in the drive and start the live version from the CD. Checked the internet for some solutions made a note of them. Restarted my compter, from the grub menu loaded in the recovery mode. at the console opened the xorg.conf. Now in some solutions I read there were problems where the xorg.conf was setup to a CRT screen, but not to a LCD or laptop screen. So what I tried was adding such kind of options to the to the xorg.conf
At the Section "Screen" added the options
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "UFP-1"
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP" (tried once each option after consequtive restarts)
Now what happened after restart, nothing...all I got was a blue screen saying Xserver cannot launch, please setup your xorg.conf file and then restart. And then all I got was a series of logs and errata regarding the error messages. This was my first try...

II. Now waht I thought was lemme clean install again, so I put in the Fiesty fawn 7.04 Cd again then reinstllaed the whole thing. Again after installing could see the desktop and everything, everthing is fine again saw restricted drivers manager window pop up. This time I did not install the drivers from there. Just ignored it. Opened the Desktop effects window to see what message I would get. Obviously as expected I was told to enable the 2D and 3D effects of my graphics card. But this time I went to the nvidia linux site

which is the latest version for linux nvidia drivers and manually installed them. Now I went to the console mode manually installed theese drivers as follows:

sudo sh (remember this installation is after Ubunutu's clean install)

I was really expecting a proper desktop, but what happens, the same old bloody reddish-black screen!!!!!!!!

Now what I did was before I make any changes to the to xorg.conf I looked for the log file for xorg.conf to see what it actually says, I could not understand a word of it so I am pasting it here.

I showed this log to a guy in in an IRC chat, who explained me to add the following to the xorg.conf, similarly at the Select "screen" section. Btw I always edit the xorg.conf file in the console mode with the gdm stopped and using the "sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf" to edit the xorg.conf file

Option "NoLogo" "True"
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "True"
Option "AllowGLXWithComposite" "True"
Option "RenderAccel" "True"

saved the xorg.conf file use at all. cant see noting at startup.....

Again gone into the console mode restore the xorg.conf file as follows
sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg started fine but the resoultion was different maybe because I selected vesa drivers, anyway that should not be problem I guess. Now opened the synaptic pacakge manager and uninstalled any nvidia glx drivers found.

Now what i did at the console was:

sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-new

what this did was install the drivers again, well I guess!!? and then again restarted to see the damn black screen.

....that was my second type of instalation..

III. Well now I was really fed up,so what I did was go into the console again reconfigured the xorg.conf file, then at the desktop downloaded the automatix installer where I downloaded the nvidia drivers and installed them. After restart same old problem of black screen!!!
. Again at the console I did an automatix command


which restored to previous xorg.conf file. I could restart again normally here. Later I opened automatix and uninstalled all the nvidia drivers with automatix.

Now I was really fed up, all the forums either had recently posted this or did not have solution yet. I heard in some forum regarding Envy drivers. I downloaded this and installed them.. Still again the same old black scren turned up. I reconfigured the xorg.conf file again uninstalled Envy drivers also.

Finally from all the forums and IRC chat all I could conclude was it has something to do with xorg.conf file options, no matter what driver I install there is no use. So what I finally started was to learn about the various display, screen and kinds of nvidia driver optins to edit in the xorg.conf file. I hope somebody can give me solution by then. I cannot sleep at nights until I solve this thing. I am right now not learing bash but learining how to configure xorg.conf file. Surprisingly there are not much proper documentations regarding specific options with respect to specific video cards to edit in the xorg.conf file. I hope there is any other kind of option which you help me, if i missed something. I had to write such a detailed message because I found many similar problems in various forums, surprisingly some solutions above I wrote above did work for some and did not for some. Its still is not working for me . Anyway I hope somebody can help.

NOTE: Please check the actual log I gave in the link above for any clues of the black screen mystery????!!!!!!HELP


Alienware laptop 3 years old

Nvidia GeForce FX Go5700 128Mb Video Ram
1 Gig of RAM
Pentium 4 ,3.0 Ghz with HT
60gig hard drive.
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