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Default Re: Toshiba slashes price of HD-DVD players

Originally Posted by Ancient
For those who already have a G8x NVIDIA card in their system, PowerDVD Ultra and a 360 HD-DVD player provides a picture that equals any HD-DVD player you can buy and it's cheaper than 500-some bucks.

Now I'm just waiting for an internal, SATA-based HD-DVD player so I can get rid of the 360 HD-DVD. It's an ugly beasty.
Except it can be a huge bitch to get working thanks to HDCP.

And I highly doubt it's cheaper than a stand-alone HD DVD player...

8500 GT = $150
PowerDVD Ultra = $100
360 HD DVD drive = $200
(that's $450 already, not including the monitor you'd need...and PowerDVD still doesn't properly scale 1080p to 720p)

HD-A2: $310

You don't need the XA2. It's just the BEST HD DVD/SD DVD player on the market.
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