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Default Re: Universal May go Neutral.....

Yup...the $300 stand-alones (Toshiba HD-A2 on Amazon) and $200 (or less) 360 addon have nothing to do with how well the format is doing, nor do huge exclusives like The Matrix trilogy.

Yup. HD DVD sure is dead without Universal.

Remember when everyone made such a huge deal about Fox backing BD-only and they pretty much fell off the face of the earth?

Remember when BD hadn't finalized specs for BD-J yet and "finally will" in 10/07? And that those "finalized" specs will likely render all currently BD players completely useless because they won't support features of post 10/07 BD discs.

Maybe if the BDA got their dicks out of their hands and got their **** together, they might actually be a threat. Meanwhile, come October, my HD DVD players are still going to play all current and all future releases.
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