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Default why graphics are so poor with linux


I'm a newbee with linux and of course I come from a world where detonator works so great (when the twinview don't crash IE).

I'm working now on dell precision 450 and 650 with Nvidia Quadro4 900 XGL.

I try to use the redhat 8 kernel 2-14-18, the drivers provided by dell don't work at all : no 3D, no antialiasing...
as there isn't a graphic card...

I have tried the last drivers script... very nice...
but why when I change "nv" in "nvidia" I lost the screen?

I have seen a lot of things about nvagp and so on...
that sounds very interesting, but has anyone heard about a working XF86config with real 3D?

I just want to use my opengl softwares nothing else!

If someone has a dell precision 650 and 450 with 1 xeon processor on the standard redhat 8 and nvidia quadro4 900 xgl, nothing exotic more... could you give me some advices?


See U later
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