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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by Jon
Hahahaha, maybe I'll just stay away from the 680i!?

I was actually looking at the Gigabyte GA_965P_DS3P board which supports up to 1333fsb in the latest revision.

Then I'm tied between using 6400 memory and lowering the memory multiplier or the 8500+ memory and clocking the memory higher as well.
Since your multiplier on the Q6600 is locked, you'll want the slower memory (if you plan on keeping the board for a while.) Intels need a 1:1 FSB/RAM ratio on a heavy overclock to be stable, meaning that if you run a 400FSB w/ a 9x multi which would get your CPU to 3.6gHz, you would have to run 800mHz on your RAM to be stable.

And I seriously doubt if you'll be able to push that Q6600 higher than 3.6 unless you're on a good water or phase setup. So in that case, faster memory would be a waste of moolah.

But it really depends on the FSB, too. I'm unsure as to how high you can push that Gigabyte. I know that it's a good board, but I don't know how high the FSB goes on it. If it goes up to 500 and you feel comfortable running the chipset at that speed, then faster RAM (like 1000mHz) would pay off. You could run your FSB @ 500 and your RAM @ 1000.

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