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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

But it really depends on the FSB, too. I'm unsure as to how high you can push that Gigabyte. I know that it's a good board, but I don't know how high the FSB goes on it.
According to the manual 700mhz!

Well, I'm only guessing cause the manual is far from clear... but for example if I set the fsb to 390, cpu speed will be 3.5ghz and then I should have the choice of memory speeds of 780 or 975 (calculated from the vague info in the manual). So if I have 6400 memory I should choose 780 and everything is great right? But what I don't get is why wouldn't it be better to get the 8500+ memory and choose 975?

Just for reference, I only have air cooling, but the air con is right in front of my pc so it sucks in ice cold air! But I'm only looking for a modest overclock anyway.
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