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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by Jon
According to the manual 700mhz!
*LOL* Yeah, good luck with that, friend. I'll go ahead and get on the line w/ the fire department so they can head on over in advance.

Well, I'm only guessing cause the manual is far from clear... but for example if I set the fsb to 390, cpu speed will be 3.5ghz and then I should have the choice of memory speeds of 780 or 975
Well, you'd have many choices, but most of them won't work.

You can't just go by what the manual says or what choices it gives you. It will give you all sorts of dividers to use, but the Intels struggle with a high overclock with anything other than a 1:1 ratio. You're better off just running your RAM at twice your FSB.

So if I have 6400 memory I should choose 780 and everything is great right? But what I don't get is why wouldn't it be better to get the 8500+ memory and choose 975?
Because none of this is dependent on the speed of the RAM; it's dependent on the speed on the northbridge/FSB.

Think of it this way: The Intels work best, when overclocked, with the RAM running at twice the speed of the FSB. So if you have an FSB set at 400, you have a better chance of being stable w/ your overclock by running your RAM @ 800mHz. On the other hand, if you're lucky enough to have one of the few motherboards out there that can do a 500FSB (and the Gigabyte might, I would research this if I were you), then you can run your FSB at that higher frequency and set your RAM @ 1000mHz (if you bought 1000mHz RAM or have 800mHz RAM that overclocks well.)

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