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Hello, Checked out something for your interest.. hmm.. maybe.
The author of 3ddiag is a SuSE programmer, and 3ddiag comes
with the SuSE Linux distribution. So RedHat will probably
do the heck to include a program from its business rival. ;-)

I found an email address of the author of 3ddiag.
"" (perhaps stdirsch and sndirsch is a missprint)

However i'm not sure that 3ddiag is really required to run the nvidia
driver for the README in the GLX package doesn't mention it. Though
in my distribution it says that 3ddiag is required by GLX.
But, my GLX and kernel package is precompiled by SuSE. Nevertheless
for some license issues the official nvidia driver compiled by the
distributor SuSE is NOT included in the SuSE-Linux CDs.
It's a bit confusing indeed. I guess because Redhat is an
other distributor similar license issues hold.

Perhaps you've simply downloaded the wrong GLX version for your
RedHat 7.3 Linux.
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