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Default Re: nVidia driver 1.0-96xx causes glitches, artifacts and crashes on Ubuntu Edgy/Feis


Adding xorg.conf Option "Composite" "disable" hasn't fixed it.

However, since adding the "NvAGP" I think the severity of the corruption may have reduced slightly.

It may just be coincidence, but it seems as if the corruption of the window decorations (frame, title-bar, frame-icons) hardly ever occurs now.

The contents of menus still get messed up (lots of alternating dark/light horizontal lines, as if a scroll-buffer is being repainted repeatedly and is off by one vertical pixel), as do tool-bars (missing buttons and text), and tree-lists (when expanding a branch the indented leaves rarely appear).

Do any kind of scrolling in a window and the new contents simply aren't visible. I find that moving the window to another location on the screen (thereby presumably forcing a complete repaint) sorts that out for a second or two.
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