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Default Re: why graphics are so poor with linux

Originally posted by nours42
I try to use the redhat 8 kernel 2-14-18, the drivers provided by dell don't work at all : no 3D, no antialiasing...
as there isn't a graphic card...
Those drivers aren't provided by Dell, they're provided by RedHat. They do not support 3D, no. In fact, they don't use your video card as anything other than a large framebuffer -- just a place to dump pixel data.

I have tried the last drivers script... very nice...
but why when I change "nv" in "nvidia" I lost the screen?
You're going to have to elaborate on that one. What happened? After you changed the driver line, and did a startx as your normal user (you aren't running everything as root, are you? -- you do have a normal user, right?), do a cp /var/log/XFree86.0.log ~ (note: Linux is case sensitive), then put it on a floppy or directly onto your Windows partition if applicable, or put it somewhere else where you can post it here (as an attachment).

This log file has the full text of any errors that the driver is running into, and most of these are pretty easily fixable -- once we know what they are.
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