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Default Re: "Can't open"

I am also having some issues. I have the file and I can open it but when I open it is gives me the error I will list below. I will not be able to be contacted however as this site does not allow hotmail accounts it seems and that is what my primary email account is. If you want to send me an email it is Otherwise I will be back on sometime to check for reponses. Have to go shoot some turkeys. Anyway this is the error.

ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing.

Ok this may seem pretty straight forward to someone but this is my first time using any distribution of Linux. I am normally on windows but I decided to learn something new and my hate for Vista just kind of led me here. I mean to my understanding X is kind of necessary for me to be using my operating system how do I go about operating without it.
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