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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Everquest 2 is a horrible game.

Not only is it a horrible game but it's an insult.

Rather than improve on an already existing game with a huge community and cult following they create a new game.

With this new game, the world starts out small... why? For lore reasons? Yea right... It's so they can sell you the same damn expansions you already paid for in Everquest I all over again.

All Everquest 2 did was boost WoW subscriptions by breaking peoples addictions to EQ1 and cause tens of thousands of subscription cancellations once they saw how pitiful EQ2 was and ran out and bought WoW. In the process of this the communities of loyal subscribers were torn apart which led to furthur cancellations.

EQ2 redefined the term TIME SINK in a way that I didn't think was possible after the early years of EQ1.

People who put in the time are hardly rewarded over people who do because that's the new expected behavior of a MMO. It's a ridicuously easy game that is endless hours of endless running around from one place to another to do mundane quests.

EQ2 will be the death of SOE. It will have torn apart the community they had and in the end they will have 3 failing games while WoW flourishes solely because of the choices they made. I don't care for WoW too much either, it's too easy but it's marketed to the original WoW crowd so it fits.. they did it right. Sony should take a lesson.

Have fun buying velious all over again.
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