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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by Jon
Thanks, since you are calling them in advance, can you ask them to save the quad core before the house?

I think I get it now. I was just concerned that if I went for say 333 which the gigabyte board promises it can do then I will have 3ghz and a 720mhz ram speed at 2x. Whereas at 2.5x its 833 I think, I just didn't want to end up with the ram slowing the system down. Also, I thought at standard 266 fsb used a 3x multiplier for the ram anyway.
Just make sure to run your RAM at twice your FSB speed and you'll be fine.

The additional dividers that it gives you are mostly there to adapt to different memory speeds without the processor being overclocked.

I was going to wait 3-4 weeks before ordering, but Im tempted to order a Q6600 today... Is there anything being released in the next 3 weeks that will make me cry if I order today?
Nope. Only upcoming events are Intel's price cuts in Q3 before Barcelona, AMDs native quad-core, hits market. No one knows for sure yet when AMD's first quads will hit the market, though.

Also, any opinions on the abit quad gt board?
Sorry, I don't know much about it. But if you're going with a motherboard and don't care anything about SLI or Crossfire, then the best but most expensive option would be one of the new P35 chipsets by Intel. Gigabyte just released one that hit a 575mHz FSB and ~480 with a quad. That would be perfectly suited for a very high overclock on your Q6600 should you acquire the proper cooling for it.

If you want to go cheaper than that, a P5B Deluxe or Gigabyte DS3 that you mentioned before would be a fine option.

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