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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Xion I don't know what to say about your problems in EQ II. It ran fine on my 8800GTX. Now cities with lots of folks around would drop FPS. Also all the shadow work in EQ II is done on the CPU. So turning those to min and unchecking all the boxes below helps. I know you tried that.

I could run this game on an X800XL with 4xAA|4xAF @ 1440x900 or 1680x at balanced settings with shadows off. I could even manage high quality @ 1440x.

No, I don't play it anymore. A lot of times these games run like arse because they are coded primarily for older hardware. I think most of EQ II is SM 1.1. Devs know most people have dated rigs or rigs with medium quality CPUs and sub par graphics cards because they are bought from places like Dell in said configuration.

Vanguard ran much poorer on my system than EQ II. Cities were down right painful with people around. When fewer players were about they ran better for whatever the reason.

I was disappointed in little things in EQ II. Like how characters in the older game SWG could truly sit in chairs, had better emotes and better customization. The variety of social clothes in SWG by comparison is much better. I won't even go into Teir'Dal hairstyles. Ugh.

SoE seems to love to put games out half arsed them polish them six months after release. Heck, they didn't even know what a lot of mid level Berserker abilities did in actual practice. "Wow that does too much damage." Ought to be figured out before release. 15minutes of play testing a character set at various levels against any random mob of equal level would reveal this.

Hardware makers do this too. It's about wringing the quick dollar out of the consumer and moving on.

My new rule with MMOs is buy them six months after release, if at all.
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