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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

EQ2 messed with memory big time. From time to time the develope memory leasks in it, but by far the worst is that it allocates and additional page of VM for every page of physical memory is uses. So, even if I have 2GB of ram, and I have 1.5GB free, if EQ2 loads up and grabs 1GB of it, it also increases the swap file by 1GB, even though I have yet to max out my physical memory.
Also, EQ2 has a bad habit of failing to release memory when you zone to a new zone. Go ahead and run from zone to zone in Qeynos for a bit and see what happens to your memory, and virtual memory.

The game runs fine when you first start it, but once it begins all the "paging with every step" behavior, you are going to get jerky slow downs.

I still like to play when I have time, but I find that once again I have to log off and back on every 30 min or so to loose the jerkiness. They had this licked for a time a year or so ago, but in some update or expansion they screwed it up again and can't ever seem to figure it out or get a handle on it.

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