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Default Re: AMD/ATI Commits to open source drivers

Slightly OT, but,

Originally Posted by hvengel
I have worked with another set of hardware vendors that make color measurement equipment and were competitors in their field. One of these also had a tradition, like AMD and Intel, of providing specifications that would allow OSS projects to interface to their devices. The other company had also done this in the past but had stopped doing this a few years ago and only offered closed source interface libraries. In addition, those libraries were only offered to the public for Windows and the Mac even though they had linux versions in house. About a year ago they merged and late last year dropped support for all of the devices that had open specs and basically became a closed source/specs shop. Their sales people were very surprised when I and other folks working in the application space that used these devices reacted negatively to the news of this change in company policy and they appear to be rethinking this at this time.
let me guess ? Monaco Systems and X-Rite ?
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