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Default Re: possible sync issue with 1080i content @ 1080i

I understand what pe1chl is referring to. What I am trying to describe is so much more 'blatant' of something wrong with the interlaced fields. It is hard to describe, but it is the source of the problem. The timing or sync problem is causing fields to either 'stay' longer or display 'faster' than they should.

As to you saying others have successful working 1080i content on 1080i output, I have yet to find one person to do so successfully under certain conditions such as 1080i content via 1080i DVI. Some combination of using the older drivers with VGA output with a VGA->Component converter works fine, but 1080i over DVI has never worked 100 percent. The older drivers had problems displaying any video via XV/XVMC over DVI/Component output at 1080i resolution but did not have the same problems via VGA. The newer drivers made it possible to play video with XV/XVMC over all the outputs but messed up with the 1080i output, therefore requiring deinterlacing (even thru the VGA port).

Deinterlacing is certainly an option to obtain a 'useable' display, but not the optimum.

There just isn't a lot of people using 1080i output. Pretty much only CRT based HD sets use it. LCD/Plasma sets are usually 720p or 1080p, or people are using a computer monitor.

A quick and easy test would be for Nvidia to get their hands on a 1080i CRT set and use the DVI/HDMI port to play 1080i content. It would be easily noticeable, assuming they can get the 1080i resolution to be accepted without mucking with modelines. If it works 100 percent fine for them, then just post the benchmark system information such as motherboard/chipsets, video card, linux distro and xorg.conf config.
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