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Originally posted by mr_smith
what vid card do you have? the tvout should work with the new driver from geforce2 up. mines a pci geforce4 mx 440 and it works fine (as far as the tv out goes)
It's an Asus board Geforce4 TI4200 based.

But there are several different types of tv-encoders used on these boards, mine is a phillips, and as far as I know some TV's can be harder to get working than others.
Right now I have to use an old driver to avoid crashing, and I'm pretty sure it is related to tv out. So I'm waiting for a new driver version.

Originally posted by mr_smith
i think ill try hardcoding everything at 640x480 and see if that helps. logical idea anyway, since it worked fine before I installed the driver and now it doesnt.
At least you'll find out if this is related to your problem.
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