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Default Re: 1920x1080i ModeLine = "No Valid Mode" for GeForce 6600GT and Pioneer PDP-4270HD

Originally Posted by gimpyestrada
I needed to adjust the settings in nvidia-settings, then 1080i came up every time. Thanks.

Now that I can get to a 1080i resolution, how do I get anything to play? Every time I try to play anything, I get nothing but a black screen and a system that is very unresponsive until I manage to kill whatever program I ran. I have tried xine with the xxmc option and it doesn't work (it is very happy to run in 720p mode though). I have tried playing DVD's, HDTV recordings, NTSC recordings, random xvid recordings. Everything makes the system angry at 1080i.

What should I use to display a 1080i picture?
What version of the driver are you using? Until fairly recently the nvidia driver had issues with using XV to display over DVI/HDMI at 1080i. I know the 9755 and the most recent beta driver works fine.

Okay, I looked at your bug report and it shows you are using 9631. I don't recall, but I believe that version had the XV issue also (which is why I don't use the driver that Ubuntu installs. Instead I compile my own). You should try a more recent driver.
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