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Default Re: AMD/ATI Commits to open source drivers

Originally Posted by doctor_octagon
Huh? Perhaps you missed the whole philosophy of the entire open source software movement?

I suggest you read The Cathedral and the Bazaar again to rediscover all the advantages of open over closed source.

Haven't missed it at all. Been pretty keen on it for a few years. I will admit that I'm probably missing something though, as a number of distros do include access to drivers. It just looks to me like a lot of people very upset over licensing which the manufacturer has every right to implement.

I don't mean this rudely, really. But my $400.00 video card isn't a bit of philosophy. It's hardware that I want 100% performance from. With that in mind, open-source is not always better just because it's open-source.

A lot of people do. Otherwise no one would be working on Nouveau, no one would be waiting for the Open Graphics guys, no one would take this announcement by AMD and get excited by it, or by Intel's upcoming discrete card.

I'd love to see a driver in the kernel so I can compile it and go without dicking around with binary modules. Even forgetting inclusion in the kernel, I'd love to see drivers included with more distros and usable in a livecd without worrying about licensing.

Hey, nVidia can choose not to open up, ever, but I can choose to go to whoever else does first. I got an nVidia card for my new machine, but I also got it with an integrated Intel gfx chip that works no fuss in Linux, as a way of supporting them. I'd be more than happy to replace the nVidia card with something powerful from Intel
And choice is what it's all about. My 8800 works with no fuss in Ubuntu btw, very little 'dicking around' needed once I worked at it a touch.

It almost looks like "open-source the religion". Me..I just want it to work, who ever the manufacturer of my current hardware.
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