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Default Re: AMD/ATI Commits to open source drivers

Originally Posted by macemoneta
This isn't a philosophy issue, and it's not a Linux issue. The benefits of open source apply equally to Windows and OS X.

Just ask the folks on this board who have video cards that are performing fine for them, but have been told that they must now use the "legacy" driver (and will no longer see any enhancements).

The laptop model that Toshiba released after my model came with a remote control for multimedia. Six month later, Microsoft released a service pak for Windows. The remote control no longer worked. The manufacturer said the unit was "no longer supported".

Open source protects you, as a consumer, from those events. It offloads development resource requirements from the manufacturer. Hardware manufacturers get to concentrate on making great hardware, not trying to write drivers for whatever platform their customers want.

If you were a computer user in the late 70's, you'd know that this was the way it used to be. Every piece of hardware came with full specifications (even schematics). You could easily write a driver for anything you purchased.

Things changed after the infamous Bill Gates posting, where he indicated that sharing software (the norm at the time) was "stealing". It's been all downhill since then.
This makes more sense to me. I've never really delved into the history of open source, more of a rather nuetered opinion based on others comments.

I've been one of the lucky ones then as I have never had an issue the way your explaining it, but thanks for the patient clarification.
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