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Default Re: Sigil Employees are Fired

Its not a bad game, it just doesn't have that extra "umph". All Vanguard is, is a mix of alot of different games. Nothing about Vanguard is really new or unique to make it stand out above the rest. It just kind sits in the middle of many. If a person wants to casually play, they will still play WoW. If they want to hardcore play, they will still play EQ.

My guild on Woefeather is the number 2 guild on the ENTIRE server. I have over 200 members. Guess how many are active? About 15% of that. I have zero problem with people quitting the guild. Most people who are in the guild, like it and enjoy the time we spend(however little it may be). My problem lies where people quit the GAME ENTIRELY. ALL other guilds have this problem too. I spend hours and days and weeks putting together a solid guild, only to have people quitting the game.

You wouldn't believe how much time I wasted purely making the guild good, now everyone is gone. I can't say that I blame them much though, I'm probably going to cancel my account soon as well.
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