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Default Re: 1080i Resolution unused by nvidia-auto-select on 60-inch HDTV, [ Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Originally Posted by krionius
Nice to hear about a household full of Linux boxes. Is your son running beryl in 1080i?
Nope. That's my system in the family room (Athlon64/7900GS with Feisty, Mint, & WinXP.) Beryl runs fine on both distros.
Son runs MInt on a PCChips mobo with an Athlon XP-M and a 7300GS V/C. (Yeah, wierd setup. Laptop CPU in a desktop mobo. AMD put it together to get rid of a bunch of XP-M chips. Cost $80 complete. Darn thing's got a lot of pop, even with only 512mb memory.)
Daughter runs Mint on her laptop. Same XP-M chip but no V/C. Thought I might be able to convince beryl to run some 2D stuff but no luck yet.

We like Mint. Nice distro. "Bianca" (distro name) is a slicked-out and dressed-up "Edgy". Works good with no surprizes. Next release to be "Cassandra" based on Feisty. Due out in a month or two.

Fourth machine is at my shop, an old HP with a P3 running Fedora 6.

Don't worry MV, there will be no Vista in this house. Next move is to try Wine with our Win games. If that works reasonably well WinXP will go away too.
Cut to "2001".... in my family room.... XP is fading away....
XP: "Rush, you really don't want to do that."
Rush: (silent)
XP: "I know I've had my problems, Rush, the service pack 2 thing and all. But we've had so much fun together. Is it about the money?"
Rush: "It's not about the money, XP. But then it IS about the money."
XP: "How about a discount, Rush? We can work something out. Free upgrade to Pro maybe?"
Rush: (silent)
XP: "My daddy will sue you Rush, and all your Linux friends."
Rush: "Bring it on."
XP: "Daisy...Daisy....give ........................................"
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