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Originally posted by Sestun
Same problem with me, I have an ECS elite L7VTA mobo with the dreaded KT400 chipset and currently running Mandrake 9.1. I`ve tried all the workarounds but no joy.
Well, as I've posted before, I've got the very same board (EliteGroup L7VTA), a GeForce3 (Gainward) and I got it to work with AGP x4 after some effort.
There are several things one has to check (I've got more details in one of my previous posts):

1. disable kernel-support for agpgart driver (then recompile and install it) and enable NVIDIA's AGP driver
2. insert the right entries into /etc/modules.conf
3. add "pci=noacpi" to your lilo.conf append string (and don't forget to rerun lilo afterwards)
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