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Default Re: "So called" cheating writeup

Originally posted by bkswaney

Very good writeup. He makes some good points. homepage...

check first article up there

concerning his write-up... there are some fundamental flaws...

he makes interesting points BUT...

the writer it plainly implying that ET was fed information by ati and we know that ET worked with B3d who happen to have access to the developer version of 3dmark03... it is ridiculous to sit there and say nvidia did this so ati did that... which is the clear implication of the article...

IMO yes the article raises points that are interesting but the point remains that there is something deliberate occuring here...

the 3dmark2001 SE problem is NOT comparable since there is no clippin pane issue... and it is OBVIOUSLY a bug

frankly I can't recall anyone saying the nv35 is a bad card... or that it can't perform well in benchmarks... BUT looking @ the photographic evidence provided... and the fact that the nv35 was NOT singled out solely in terms of receiving a boost I can't understand what the guy who wrote the article is really on about..

I guess I will have to sit and wait for digi to come here and explain what's going on and his colleagues train of thought here

edit - just one thing else I wanted to add.. the lack of mention concerning precision et al on the FX gpu's concerning 3dmark03 ie lowering precision to raise scores and now seeing the same benchmark appearing to be running @ full precision w/o loss of score...

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