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Default Re: "So called" cheating writeup

Originally posted by bkswaney

Very good writeup. He makes some good points.
I swing my trenching spade off my shoulder and pushed the end into the hard ground, casting a furtive look over my left shoulder as I did so.

In the far distance I could just make out the massed ranks of the advancing Fanatics, the soft dirge of their annoyed chanting being carried on the soft summer wind as they prepared to attack again.

" Why did BK have to draw attention to us again " whispered Karen, the tall slim tanned brunette who stood by myside.

" Hmm " ,I just grunted back, " I'd advise you did as you did last time and take your panties off to stuff in your ears. It's the only thing that will block out their tired old ramblings ".

Suddenly my throat had become very dry.

I continued to dig my trench.
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