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Default Re: F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by crainger
LOL do you like anything flukester?

Well apart from NOLF? I must say though. For once I agree with your comments, but in terms with the FEAR Exp only. I loved the first game, but I found this Exp very lacking. In terms of story anyway. Gameplay wise, it was just more action movie goodness.
I like many games actually. I have some 65 games installed on my machine. But FEAR ticked me off the most. Out of most of the games I bought, it was the most overrated it's crazy. I have to read online about how people loved it because everyone I know that played it thought it sucked too. As I said, I don't know what provoked me to get the expansion, I guess I thought, oh new eye candy and maybe there will be more sense in the story and they will add stuff that wasn't in the first.. The game just ENDED.. just like that! Disappointed and confused about FEAR. Just don't get what was so 'cool' about it. NOLF was a hell of a lot more entertaining to me, that's why I mentioned it.
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