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Default Re: 8800 GTX temps

I am now on a laptop

I am shaking all over. I am crying. I am wishing I lived in America so I could shoot myself

Retard here decided to take the cooler of his nice shiny GTX and apply AS5.

Could it have been more of a disaster?????

1.Took all screws off.
2. Found the ******* thing wouldnt come off.
3. heated up and it fell of
4. Scraped away the pads and stuff.
5. tried to clean the memory etc with vodka............. spilled a capful over the card.
6. Really sh****ing myself I started to apply the AS5. Next second there was a noise like a gun. I live in rural ireland, in a rural part, yet at that exact moment a car went past my house and backfired

F****ing muppet here sprayed the AS5 everywhere all over the card.

Muppet was crying bitterly as he reassmebled what is left of his card.

Muppet put the card in pc, hoped for the best, turned on, then realised he had forgotten to put the fan power in....After 10 seconds

Retard thought **** it.
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