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Originally Posted by agentkay
^^I guess Asus applied the right amount of thermal grease on yours! Congrats.
LOL Yea they did but i also have good airflow through my case with 4x120 mm fans,one of them(titan aluframe 79.14 CFM) blows cold air at the cpu heatsink ,33c idle @ 2.8ghz plus a 40mm 5000 rpm fan on the northbridge heatsink 24 c idle.One of the 120 mm fans sucks in cold air and blows it at the gfx card.Tried to cool the heatsources as best i could for a low overall casetemp with a limited budget ,worked pretty well.Both the prior GTX's i had idled at 55 c or less depending on ambient temp.

idle@18c ambient
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