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Originally posted by mbvgp
Dig I hope you were being sarcastic since if you are thinking that nvidia will bend over backwards for you you must be living in a dreamworld Especially since you are no longer with elitebastards .

I have 44.03 drivers and a GF4Ti 4600 and I should have it according to But I ran the game with settings at quality and 4xAA, 8xAF and I can see the problems. Seems like something is wrong with 3dchips system ...
I agree. The dragon is still there on my PC also.
I think they need to reload 3DM and there drivers.
Maybe a good format.

DW... Is this true? Were u with EB?

I emailed Nvidia about the 44.03 problem and also a link
to all these flaming threads here and hardforum.
Guess what.... I got a reply from Brian Burke "head of desktop graphics"

I will just say this. NV will address this shortly.
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