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Any card that could pull 20,000 3dmarks would be better than any videocard on the market today. No doubts in my mind at all.

The GeForce3 was made for DirectX8... the GeForce2Ultra wasnt.. Of course the ultra is gonna score lower. Its also gonna perform less in real world games... You think a GF2ultra is gonna be pumping out pixelshading with ease? No.

People who deny the usefulness of 3dmark, are Elitists. They are the same people who come to the boards using Windows and bitch about how Microsoft sucks.. Yet, Windows works, and its more user friendly, with more hardware and game support than any OS in existance.

Yet, people talk smack about it. Same goes with 3dmark. It works, it does its job and gives you an all around idea of how a card will work in relation to games. Anybody who denies its usefulness in giving an idea of the cards performance is ignorant.

Back it up with some facts... I have plenty of facts stating that my opinion is a valid one. Just makes me upset that so many people have jumped on the 3dmark sucks bandwagon for no reason other than to just rebel against something... anything.
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