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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Here's the latest blog posts from ACES Studio. SP1 is "Imminent".

From yesterday:

Originally Posted by Phil Taylor
As I stated previously, our multi-core support will take advantage of both 2 and 4 cores today, and more cores in the future when they become available. And this is for both AMD and Intel.

As to how much of a boost, we are still being conservative with the 20% across the board number, but we are seeing some scenarios on better hw hit up to 40% improvement. It really depends on your rig, on your settings, and on your actual flight.

And thats before we talk to the scenery content fixes, the airplane and gauge/panel fixes, the back-compat bug fixes, the 3 AI aircraft fixes, the multiplayer fixes ( griefer bug, partial fix for the connection to Gamespy issue ) and the SDK+SimConnect fixes.

SP1 is chock full of goodness. And is still on target for later this week. Stay tuned!
From today:

Originally Posted by Phil Taylor
FSX SP1:Imminent

We are pushing bits for all languages but Japanese thru the internal tools. This could take 2 hrs, it could take 8.

We expect to get Japanese approval to push the bits soon, but that download may be delayed a day or so.

Stay tuned, its real soon now. Really!
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