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SavagePaladin: You've missed my point then. I wasn't asking why I can't go to the local PC store and buy an nForce 2, I was asking WHEN I can expect the different parts of the product unveiling to unravel. You keep harping on the fact that it's not supposed to be out until Sept. and no one has disagreed with that fact, however, the vague term, "supposed to be out" could be understood to mean that the parts will be available IN Sept. maybe Sept. 4th for example (completely random number). And if that was true, wouldn't we have Reviews NOW? Even MikeC mentions the lack of nForce 2 information with this statement on todays news: "While news of NVIDIA's upcoming nForce2 chipset is scarce". Since we're supposedly so close to an official release (whatever THAT means) would it be too much to ask for a rough outline of when the parts will be reviewed and when they will be available?

StealthHawk: I totally agree...that was really the premise behind the original post. These wait times are ridiculous. My buddy just started an IT website called, I'm going to build a MySQL DB and a PHP frontend for it to start tracking this crap.

Zoolap: Yessir, I'm in nearly the same boat. I'll be sticking with AMD regardless since my money means a lot to me but I can't upgrade UNTIL it ships 'cause from what I've seen the KT400 offers NOTHING in performance over the KT333 and I just HAVE to know the nForce 2's potential before I make my next purchase decision

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