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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

ahh ok i disable my paging file, i guess thats why i dont see any Had it disabled for 2 years now

Only problem ive ever had with disabling page file was a warning when photoshop starts up :P

but seriously i dont have the best pc, maybe tweaked a little, but i run eq2 in 1600x1200 windowed mode while running teamspeak, act parser, media player, msn, and sometimes even have a little cable tv window on top of eq2.

i toggle shaders off during raids, and shadows are off
try keep the particle effects medium, and lights medium, anything thats too gfx intense, adjust to suit your pc

turn your character lod distance to low, but keep all other textures at high, and make sure environment cube map updates are set to 1 time only

cl_maximized false
cl_screenwidth_windowed 1585
cl_screenheight_windowed 1069
r_performance 7
cl_fullscreen false
cl_screenwidth 1600
cl_screenheight 1200
cl_screenrefresh 70
o_max_farplane 650.000000
r_fast_layer_min_distance -1.000000
cl_textureshrink 1
cl_charactertextureshrink 1
r_texture_lodding_shrink 4
r_heatshimmer true
r_underwaterdistortion true
r_splashes 1
splash_particles_enabled true
r_drawocean_quality 3
r_envcube_updates 2
r_reflections 0
r_reflectionsinhouse 1
r_particle_priority 0
num_active_spell_results 2
r_particlesinreflectionsinhouse true
r_particle_lod_scale 1.637000
r_point_particle_near_plane -2.100000
r_point_particle_max_size 0.172500
r_light_priority 1
r_max_torches 2
r_max_lights 5
r_max_spec_lights 2
r_light_bump_max_distance 10.000000
r_min_dir_ambient_intensity 0.300000
r_shadows_torch false
r_shadows_characters false
r_shadows_keep false
r_ec_max_lod0 4
r_ec_max_lod1 25
r_min_anim_update_rate 0.408000
r_anim_update_start 0.030000
r_initial_point_weight 0.648500
r_particle_cloth true
r_flora true
r_flora_radius_scale 0.564400
r_flora_density_scale 0.891100
r_gamma 1.565000
r_contrast 1.040000
r_brightness 0.040000
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