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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Nice, looking at the photo, I'm glad I went with the Zalman (only just clears my side fan by about 2cm).


Ok, thanks for the advice guys, I understand what you were telling me now... especially the 1:1 memory thing. It will not work at all past 2.7ghz if I change the memory multiplier to anything but 1:1. I was having freezing at 2.7ghz when it was previously stable because the bios reset after a crash and set my memory timings back to default (3x) making my ram run at 900mhz instead of 2.5x (750mhz).

In conclusion... I set ram multiplier to 2x, all voltages stock... upped the fsb 10ish at a time until I hit 333. I'm currently running at 3ghz (memory at 666). OCCT says its stable... Fear benchmark was 100% >40fps... and after an hour of Rainbow 6 I am really really pleased. I can't believe these quad cores clock so well!

Oh, and now I get why having faster memory won't really help me... I assume the 3x multiplier will make the system as unstable as the 2.5 multiplier.

Oh, BTW... temps are not too bad compared to some I have seen. Max I got all night was 64/65 degrees with all 4 cores 100% loaded for 2 hours. Using Core Temp to measure. And the room was quite hot cause I didn't have the air con on at the time! In comparison it idles at 40 degrees with air con on, 50 with air con off.
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