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Default Bah, mucked overclocks

I've been trying to get an acceptable stable overclock of 3.6GHz now, but it just refuses to work. On stock prime can run like forever, but when overclocking my cpu to 3.6GHz, oh boy..

9 x 400 = 3600

Settings are:
FSB 1600
RAM 800

If I link them and set the ratio to 1:1 my overclock will probably be rubbish, because this RAM I have will probably stop functioning at 950mhz, and I want to avoid higher memory timings. On intel mobo's you could set your RAM to 533Mhz, and then push up the FSB, then you don't overclock your memory, but you do get a higher FSB.

If I select 1:1 divider now, it sets the ram to 800 and fsb to 1066, no way I'll get to 1600fsb then...

I can get prime to run for about 6 hours and probably longer, but then I have to put CPU voltage to like 1.5+v and I also want to avoid that, seriously, it shouldn't be a problem to get that thing to 3.6Ghz, 1600mhz FSB and 800Mhz RAM with like 1.3+ volt, not 1.5+ volt and still only 6 hours prime stable.
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