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Smile NVIDIA Unleashes Detonator 40 - WHOOOOOHOO!!!

Hiya all,


This is why I love Nvidia. They never lie down and accept their fate, always something up their sleeve. Well I am going to install these drivers this weekend and I hope that it gives a somewhat decent performance increase.

Anyway with the improvement in Ati drivers over the last couple of months and now this the Video Card market is just getting better and better.

And with the 9700 turning in the scores it is, well life is good or as we say in South Africa "Liewe is lekker"!
Translated into "life is good/great"....
By the way that is Afrikaans........

Anyway here is the link...
P4 2.4B(c1) @ 3014 MhzVolcano7+
Abit IT7-Max2 V.2
1 x OCZ 512MB el PC-3500 @414cas2
1 x 80Gig 7200(2MB) W/D
SB Augidy Gamer
Ati 9700(non-pro) - cat3.1(Omega)
Logitech Z-560's (AWESOME)
Viewsonic 19" P95f (Brilliant)
Lian-Li PC-65 / side window, 430Watt Enermax
WinXP / SP1

The one, the only
-- RanglerGRS --
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