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Default Re: 1080i Resolution unused by nvidia-auto-select on 60-inch HDTV, [ Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Okay, let me just preface this by saying : "I am not on crack".

Now then. My problem with 1080i mode just went away. I thought the "-hsync -vsync" fix was just too weird, so I tried going back to +/+. Still worked. Tried going back to the modeline suggested by EDID. Still worked. So basically, 1080i just works. Looks fantastic, too.

So what _did_ I change ? Well, some time passed between my last unsuccessful 1080i attempt and the first successful one. There ould be some stuff I forgot about, but the one thing I did for certain has to do with 32-bit compatibility libs. Here's the relevant history as I recall it.

1) Install Fedora Core 6, x86_64.
2) Build/install MythTV 0.21 from tarball.
3) Install nvidia driver 100.14.xx (beta), x86_64. (No good reason, just ignorance.)
3a) Say "yes" to install 32-bit compatibility libs.
4) Lots of probs getting 1080i to work, give up. Time passes.

5) Try to build/install MythTV from SVN. Build dies w/ error about (32 bit) /usr/lib/ . (*not* /usr/lib64/
6) Remove (32bit) package mesa-libGL-*.i386.rpm
7) Build of MythTV still fails.
8) Re-install package mesa-libGL-*.i386.rpm (Same package from FC6).
9) More time passes.
10) Tried my desperate -/- sync idea.

This is when it started to work !!!

11) Go back to stock modeline (w/ +/+ sync)
12) Uninstall the nvidia 100.14.xx (beta) driver.
13) Install nvidia 1.x.-9785 driver. Do *not* install 32bit libs.

Still works.

I read on another forum that installing directly from the nividia *.sh packages can screw up a linux distro. They *very* strongly admonished people to use a package manager (yum, apt, ...) to get a proper install. I didn't, 'cuz my box is offline, but that warning did get me to thinking along those lines. I'm not certain that the 32bit lib business was the problem, but that's the only smoking gun at this point.

Also, I didn't really notice _when_ it happened, but the flickering went away. The only time I see any flicker is when I use the config options in the MythTV GUI.
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