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Default Re: DirectX 10 Titles

Originally Posted by J-Mag
What did you have your concurrent operations set to?

Also, what kind of load balancing was SLI doing? Good load on both cards?

Oh, I can't remember which, but I only took a couple of things down one notch.

I just noticed that Sli does not appear to be working with this. I've enabled the Sli indicator bars but see absolutely no Sli indicator in the game. Also, though the profile in the driver is pointing to a different .exe, it is defaulted to Single GPU. I tried AFR1/2 as well as select multi gpu in the game options but still does not appear Sli is working. I also see a huge temperature gap between my cards when playing, so I'm fairly certain Sli is not kicking in.

Going to play around with some more settings to see what's up.


The profile actually does point to the correct .exe when I look at the nvapps file. If anyone can get Sli working with this, please let me know how. Thanks!
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