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Default Re: nVidia=CHEESEBALLS!

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Next time you feel like getting back to me nVidia, why don't you get back to me instead of hassling me friends? I won't bite, I'll just tear your head off and sh!t down your a video card arguing kind of way.

You REALLY pissed me off with this one, really. It's went from a mild interest to a personal issue...real personal.

I'm no longer with EliteBastards anymore nVidia, you can't come at me thru them again. (Well, you can if you want...but it won't do you any good.)

Try the same e-dress as me EliteBastards one but make the end bit if you want to reach me...try hassling one of me friends again to get to me and I will make you regret the day you ever saw a computer.

I am NOT impressed with your backroom strong arming, and I ain't bending over for you.
You need help.
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