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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Lord of the Ring MMO is perhaps the most boring MMO I have ever beta tested. Considering I have played and beta tested nearly every major MMO to date(including beta for EQ). I'd say this LOTR game is going to do WORSE than even Vanguard.
Just curious, Why do you think LOTR is boring?

I found it to be quite enjoyable so far (Only level 23). Leveling is rather quick doing quests (I dropped some quests since I don't get experience for them.) Character customization is a bit of a grind (specific traits and race stuff depend upon completing objectives like doing moves a certain number of times for class stuff) The world seems fairly large (to me anyway) and I like the more traditional high fantasy art (EQ2 type design haven't played the first EQ so I can't comment).
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